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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Temptation Thursdays

I have decided that there are not enough pics of Hot Sexy BBWs floating around and it is my duty to change that.  So, every Thursday I will be posting pics of these Wonderful Women....afterall we do deserve the attention. LOL   As a proud BBW, I know there are many who enjoy us and want to see more.  Without further delay, I present to you.... My Thursday Teasers.  ;)

Please be sure to leave me a comment so I know if you enjoyed my ladies and if I should continue to post my lovelies?    Remember ladies and gents....with a BBW there is always more to love and much more to be loved "by".   Our hearts are usually  as big, soft and sweet as the rest of us.   Muwah!!!


kooks said...

Love the pics, darent show them to hubby. Wish there were more books with us BBWs as the heroine!

Tory Michaels said...

I liked #2 & #4. Hated #5 though. Boobs and seeing someone finger themselves just doesn't appeal to me.

Benjamin Tiberius Russell said...

I went back and scanned each of these pictures twice. I took my time and studied them. I assessed their assets and pondered their talents. I asked myself the question, if I had to pick only one for a night of fun and revelry - who would it be? After serious contemplation and a visit to the spank bank, I decided - I can't decide. I want them all - Muwah!@

michellelady said...

Sorry Tory, didn't mean to offend that is why I warned it was an Adult Blog. My pics can be naughty, but I really want to portray BBWs as hot, Sexy and confident in their body and sexuality. :)

Naomi said...

I love them all. You show here that big girsls can be very very sexy. I can't understand women that strive to be a stick insect. Rock on curvy beauties!!

Sic boy Casey 1220 said...

OMG!! Those women in those pictures are wonderful!! I'm a chubby chaser myself and might I say holy sh**!!
Hard On!!

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