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Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy Anniversary Naughty Nights Press!!!

I am happy to announce that NNP turned 1 year old yesterday.  A very special day shared with Canada's Birthday too.   I am lucky enough to have had my first story ever, published with them..it was Booty Call and was written in the pen name I had then Michelle Chatton.    I am now one of their writers under my own name Sherry M. Palmer.   You could not find a better publishing house to be part of.  Gina Kincade, Penny Peterssen and the rest of the staff, are amazing people that help authors...they build you up and help you become a better writer.   The group of authors they have around them are also amazing people who are very talented as well as welcoming.     Please click on this link...NNP and check out the new store that has been started and also check out all the other authors who are a part of this awesome group. You can also enter to win some prizes with them at this link.

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