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Monday, April 30, 2012

Appreciation for the forgotten ones....Publishers, Editors and the Distributors.

Hi Everyone.

My post today is near and dear to my heart.  I am thanking the wonderful people who are my publishers..Gina Kincade owner of Naughty Nights Press and all her awesome staff.  They are beyond fantastic when it comes to what they do, they give more than just a place to get your book out.  They give you a welcome into a family of incredibly gifted editors, writers, artists, authors and everyone else who makes it possible to get a book to the public.  They cultivate and nurture new talent, teaching them the "ropes", encouraging them to be the best they can be and kicking their arse when need be as well.  But it is all done with care and devotion to their people and their books.  Their emphasis isn't on the bottom line or the mighty dollar, it is on getting quality stories out by good authors.  They may be new to the publishing world, less than a year old but they are strong and true to the people who write for them.  That can't be said for all publishing houses.

As I have stated many times, I am a voracious reader and have been reading Romance since I was 10. Then I moved on to Romantica and Erotica and through it all I am ashamed to say that I never once thought about the people behind the scenes.  Once I became a writer and published author, that changed.  My eyes were opened to the fact that without all these amazing people..a writer would simply be someone who has a bunch of things written down and no way of getting out to be read.

 Editors nurture your baby as much as you do, they help it to walk straighter, be better and stronger.  They take your words and emotions and show you how to make them shine better and touch people more.  They are as necessary to your book as you are and they are often forgotten...so I say thank you to all of you Editors out there.

Publishers are the ones behind the wheel of the school bus, they get your baby to where it needs to be and they keep it safe.  From the time they agree to take you on, they use all their resources to get that book looking and being the best it can be.  They put their time, money and attention into you and your book, often taking a big chance in whether it will succeed or not.  They are often seen as taskmasters or the dreaded "commanders" but truly they are the people who believe in your books and your talent and take the chance on you....so yeah, they want things done right and well.  But it is for the writer's and the book's own good.   They also are often forgotten, so to all of you I say thank you.

There is the Artist that is your baby's dresser and tailor.  They take your idea and find the best possible image to put on that cover, they draw a person to your book.  As a reader and purchaser of books I can tell you I have books that I have picked up because of the cover alone.  I have also put a book down and not bought it for the same reason.  A good cover and an awesome artist can make a big difference for your book.  But yet again, they are forgotten....so to you all you Artists I say thank you.

I also must say a thank you to the distributors, you are the last link in the chain that gets an authors book out to the world.  You take our now grown up baby and you make it a debutante, taking it to it's first ball.  But you are also often forgotten too, so to you as well I say thank you.

As readers, if you stop and think, I bet most of you never even bother to look at the publisher's name, the artist, the editor or where you are buying it from.   I know I never did...and I have bought thousands of books, just ask my credit card company. :)  But when I was introduced to the other side of the business I realized that all these people are links in a chain.  If any one of those links is weak then the whole chain can fall apart.   It is scary to think that some really awesome books would not have made to our hands cause one of those links broke.  

I am lucky enough to say that the links in my books chain are strong, true and get the job done and done well.   So again I thank Gina and the people of Naughty Nights Press.

So next time you buy a book, take a second to think of all the people it has gone through to become the story you will be reading.   It is quite the fascinating process.

Please leave me a note about what you think about the People Behind the Scenes.   Whether you are an an author or not.. these people are important to get the stories you like out to the public. :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday "Hiding"

Wow it is that time again and it seems to have come around so fast, Flash Fiction Friday is upon us. It is one of my favorite days, the day a group of awesome friends and authors show their talent by writing a short story based on one particular picture. It must be 100 words, no more no less. It may seem quick and easy but let me assure you it is not. To try and express your emotions about something with just 100 words is quite the challenge, but a great joy to learn from too.

Serena looked at the picture before her as a tear fell from her eye. Remembering the day she had created the work of Art brought back many memories. During those days she had been that woman hiding her true self, peaking at the world through her fingers. She smiled as she stroked the diamond necklace she now wore. Given as a token of love from her lover, Serena proudly wore the collar as a symbol of devotion to her Dom. The day he had bought her photograph had changed her life; bringing her love and the freedom to be herself.


Today's picture was quite the challenge for me but I hope I was able to convey my feelings about it and the subject I chose. Please leave me a comment to let me know what you think.  
Also please check out my fellow Flashers , by clicking on the name and show them some love as well. I wish you all a wonderful Friday and a Fabulous weekend.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

An Exclusive Interview

Featuring Heather Rainer

1.      Tell us a little bit about you, things you don’t mind sharing?
I like pina coladas…and getting caught in the rain. LOL, sorry, now it’s playing in your head too, isn’t it? Before I was a writer, I was a voracious reader. Thank goodness this writing gig now pays for my one-click e-book habit at Amazon. I’m married to a hard-working man who has supported my writing endeavors, even if all it ever did was make me happy. That wonderful man pushed me to submit my first book, Divine Grace, to Siren Publishing.
2.      How did your writing career start?
Christmas morning, 2008, when my husband gave me the ultimate gift…a brand new Dell laptop, which was MOST DEFINITELY NOT in our budget. I wrote my first six books on that laptop. I’ve replaced the keyboard three times, the battery twice and replaced the AC adapter once because Eli puppy chewed threw it when he was little. I still use it at night and if you come to one of the Righteous Perverts live chats on Wednesday nights at 8:00pm central (www.righteousperverts.com) that is the laptop I’m using. Half the letters are worn off and I’m not a touch typist so I throw down the typos like I speak a foreign language but they still love me.
3.      Can you tell us about your Divine Creek Ranch series, how it started and what it means to you?
The series started with a flirtatious cowboy in the grocery store checking out ahead of me. Inspiration struck. I was already writing, working on a different story and I put that one aside to begin the series. He inspired the character Angel Martinez, whose full story is told in book three of the series, Heavenly Angel. All the other original characters introduced themselves and I realized that I actually needed to start with Grace’s story. If I ever run into that flirtatious cowboy, I’m going to thank him.
4.      Do you have a favorite character in it?
It’s a prerequisite for me that I fall in love with all the characters while I’m writing their story. It makes the book take longer to write because that relationship takes time but I know something is not right if that connection is not there. So, no, I don’t have any favorites but several stand out. Mainly Ethan Grant from Divine Grace, Eli Wolf from Her Gentle Giant, Angel Martinez from Heavenly Angel, Richard Warner from Maya’s Triple Dare (because he made me cry so many times), Chance Carlisle from Lydia’s Twin Temptation. Of course, I’ve always adored Clay Cook, whose story, Divine Phoenix, is releasing on May 11th. You’ll meet the latest hero holding me in thrall in Divine Phoenix. He is a secondary character who shines and will have his own book this summer.
5.      Which character is most like you?
Everyone who knows me personally will tell you hands down that I am Grace Warner. I don’t deny it. I think it was a by-product of pouring my heart into that book. She’s my alter ego on my brand new blog, The Divine Tease, www.heatherrainer.com/blog Readers will hear from her and other characters every so often.
6.      Why did you chose to write about Polyandry and can you explain to people what it means?
This is the definition from Wikipedia…”Polyandry (Greek: poly- many, andras- man) refers to a form of marriage in which a woman has two or more husbands at the same time. The form of polyandry in which a woman is married to two or more brothers is known as "fraternal polyandry", and it is believed by many anthropologists to be the most frequently encountered form.”
I love reading mรฉnage romance and totally “get” the dynamic in those stories. It is a very common fantasy for women…the idea that their needs could be met by more than one man. It makes practical sense too, in my opinion, because the standard of living would be higher with more breadwinners. I think a relationship like that would require tremendous maturity, deep, long-lasting connection between the men and a sincere dedication to putting the woman’s needs first. That’s the fantasy part of the fiction I write but I can always dream that there are men out there willing to give that kind of relationship an honest try.
7.      You have a Pyrenees named after one of your characters.  How is your fur baby Eli?
At the moment, I’m watching him lie in the morning sun outside my office door. He’s a mess but I love him. He’s still considered a puppy for a few more months but he already weighs over 110 pounds. When not barking his head off at squirrels, the UPS man, or the wind, he’s usually napping on the office porch or sitting under my desk. I discovered two things last week. 1) that he is absolutely terrified of thunder and lightning, and 2) that he no longer fits on my lap, no matter how much he wishes he did.
8.      Do you follow outlines or just write as it comes to you?
I’m a “pantser”, through and through. I like flying by the seat of my pants, not knowing what the characters are going to do until it happens. I do use an outline because I need an idea of where I’m headed but it is very loose, so the series has developed organically. I follow my heart rather than a specific pattern or formula.
9.      What inspires you most?
The love and support of my husband. He tells me that I get this look in my eye and he knows that he needs to take over so I can go write. We’ve spent entire days together, me at my computer and him at his hobby in the kitchen, (he absolutely loves to cook) just a few feet from each other, doing our thing and have never felt closer to each other. Having freedom to not worry about meals, laundry, house or chauffeuring frees my muse to create. He’s also good at pulling me back into the real world when I need it.
10.   Do you write full time?
Yes, ma’am! I’ve always been a stay-at-home mom but once my kids were both in school, I started writing full time. As I mentioned above, my husband stands in the gap with household duties and actually does a better job than I ever did.
11.   Do you have other genres you would like to write?
I laid aside my first project, a futuristic paranormal romance, to write the Divine Creek Ranch Collection. It’s safe on a hard drive and I plan to take it apart and write a new series using the characters, who I fell in love with. When I stopped writing it, I had about 90,000 words in it, so it’s definitely worth going back to. Right now, I don’t want to split my focus between two series. I like keeping my readers happy and they want more Divine, Texas.
12.   Do you schedule your writing time or just write as your muse inspires you?
I have to discipline myself to write. My average day when actively writing a novel or editing one is usually about twelve to sixteen hours, depending on family and how hard the muse is pushing me. The business part of being an author, promoting herself on social media can become a rabbit hole if I’m not careful.
13.   I know you write to music.  Does it help and what do you often listen to?
When actively writing, I have playlists with only one song in them that I’ll listen to over and over until a scene is written. My music tastes are varied. If you looked at my MP3 player, you’d see that right now I’m listening to Apocalyptica’s “Far Away”. Under the letter “A” in my Windows Media Player is Aaron Lewis, Adele, Alan Jackson, Andrea Bocelli, Andy Griggs, Apocalyptica and Ashton Shepherd. That’s a really weird mix but there you have it! Music sets the mood for certain scenes and can inspire whole books for me. But there are also times when I need silence. I prefer quiet for editing because I have to utilize the “outside” thoughts of an editor (whom I adore!) in revising the story. Music can be distracting then.
14.   What are you working on now?
I’m working on revisions for the next installment, book 11, and loosely plotting an outline for book 12. I’m also getting my blog, The Divine Tease, up and running.
15.   If you could live and write anywhere in the world, where would that be?
In a log cabin, with a crackling fire in the fireplace, somewhere cold and snowy, with a sexy guy in flannel and denim. I live in South Texas and more than half the year it feels like I live on the face of the sun and I’m not the sun-worshipping, outdoorsy type.
16.   What is hotter to you; cowboys or doctors?
Sherry…you have to ask? Cowboys, hands down, honey!
17.   What is your favorite color and why?
My personal favorite color is blue, always has been. But I know the answer you’re looking for…I also love a certain shade of fleshy, rosy pink. ;-)
18.   What has writing or becoming an author meant to you?  How did it change your life?
It was a paradigm shift for me. I lived for many years with a very twisted body image and view of myself. I realized that the people whose opinion I worried about so much didn’t matter and I should live my life the way I saw fit. That realization was like finally getting that rough, ugly oyster open and finding that I really liked the pearl inside. I think that discovery fueled my writing. Aside from the intangible benefits of being a writer, this is a wonderful time to be an e-published author because the financial rewards make a huge difference.
19.    You recently went to the Romantic Times Convention.  What was it like and would you mind sharing some of your experiences there?
Most mind-boggling experience: That moment when someone you’ve never met face to face looks at your name badge, their eyes bulge with recognition and they run at you or scream your name. Talk about paradigm shifts!
Most rewarding outcome: Meeting my fellow authors, most for the first time. I especially enjoyed getting to know veteran Siren author Morgan Ashbury who also writes for them as Cara Covington, and meeting newcomer Siren author Peyton Elizabeth.
Tearjerker moment: Realizing that not only was my husband going to be there at the convention, he was also going to stand beside me and promote me with all his heart to everyone who would listen, from the moment we left the train station to got to RT, all through the convention, until the last meal we ate before we drove home at the end.
Most scared moment: On one trip from downtown Chicago back to the hotel in Rosemont, I buckled my seatbelt across me only to discover it was SOAKING wet, then realized our cab driver liked to text behind the wheel and clearly had a death wish he wanted to share with his passengers.
20.  Finally what advice would you give novice writers or those thinking of becoming authors?
*Write your ever-lovin’ ass off. Publishers get excited over authors who are prolific so write, write, write and then make sure they know you have a whole handful of manuscripts to offer them and not just one or two.
*Research the craft of writing. Have a command of grammar, punctuation, and an understanding of perspective and how to avoid head hopping.
*Find the right niche for your books. I’m very blessed to have found the right publisher as a writer of mรฉnage erotic romance. Siren is well known for mรฉnage romance.
*Never respond to negative reviews, except to thank them for their time. Learn and move on from criticism. Don’t let negative reviews derail you from writing.
*Be professional in all social media. I’m naughty as hell on Facebook but I keep it professional and friendly.
*Don’t write reviews for your own books. And don’t take a hatchet to anyone else’s book in a review unless you want the favor returned. I don’t rate a book at all if I can’t give it a 4 or 5 star rating. Karma has a long-ass memory. Don’t tempt her.
*Don’t let anyone steal your dream.

Thank you for taking the time to contact me and interview me, Sherry. I wrote you a five page novel, didn’t I? I’m honored to be your first interviewee! Readers can find my books at:

They can also visit my website at www.heatherrainier.com
My blog, The Divine Tease at www.heatherrainier.com/blog
And they can find my personal profile on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/#!/heather.rainier
And visit my author page at Facebook as well… https://www.facebook.com/pages/Heather-Rainier/172852239392338
I’m on Twitter as @HeatherRainier

Friday, April 13, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday "Perfection"

It is Friday, the day most everyone looks forward to, the end of a long work week for some. For others it is the day to let our imagination have a quick little romp in the world of Flash Fiction Friday. Today is even more special cause it is Friday the 13th and in my family that is a lucky day. :)

Anna’s arm tingled with pins and needles.  Holding this pose for so long had put the poor appendage to sleep.
“Are we almost done, Jack?”  She asked while beginning to feel a cramp start in her leg.
“A few more shots Sweety, then you can go.  It just isn’t perfect yet.”  Her photographer answered while snapping picture after picture.
Anna detested the word “perfect” with a passion.  After spending her whole life trying to attain perfection for everyone around her, she had realized that is was an impossible feat.  However for this kind of money she could pretend it existed.  


I hope you enjoyed my little Flash about the power of money. Please leave me a comment of what you thought, I love to know how my words do or don't effect someone.
Make sure you check out my fellow Flashers. They are an awesome group of talented writers and it is always a treat to see how each of us has "viewed" the same picture. Click on the link above for a glimpse of their special talent. Have an awesome Weekend everyone!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Temptation Thursdays

Wow, looks like I am a day late but I am not short of any sexy ladies to post.  My apologies for being unable to post my BBWs till today...life sometimes gets in the way.  But here they are for your viewing pleasure....

I hope you enjoy seeing these Sexy Sassy Sirens as much as I enjoy finding them.  As always your comments are much appreciated, without them I have no way of knowing if these appeal to you.   There is always more to love with a BBW and more to be loved BY with a her too.  :)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Temptation Thursdays

Oh Wow, I almost forgot it was Thursday.  Shame on me for neglecting my sexy BBW fans and their admirers.  So here is today's offerings. 

As usual, I hope you enjoy these beautiful BBWs and leave me a note telling me what you think of them.   I will keep them coming every week because we all know they have alot to offer, lots of love.

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