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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Welcome to my world

Hi Everyone! This is my first walk into the world of Blogging.  This is my first attempt at a post too...after this I wont be a Blog Virgin anymore.   Oh Well, I like trying anything once and if I like it...I come back for more and more...etc. ;)

I have been a voracious Romance reader since the age of 11.  You could find me hiding under the covers with a flashlight reading my books.  Afterall, it wasnt considered "proper" reading for a good little Catholic girl.   Wouldnt my parents and the nuns have been shocked if they learned I got my first Erotic book at age 12.  Anybody remember Xaviera Hollander,  The Happy Hooker?  Or Emmanuelle?  I was hooked on erotica, but the pickings were slim and not so great. Mostly badly written porno geared to men.  As the years went on Romantica or Erotica became better.  When Ellora's Cave started, I thought I had found Heaven...I spent a fortune buying and devouring their books.   I have to thank all the wonderful authors from there who gave me hours and hours of enjoyable reading.  Recently I have become addicted to Siren Menage stories as well.  There are lots of choices available now and good stories that are well written

All this leads me to where I am now...writing my own stories.  I found there was a naughty vixen inside me that had all these wild ideas and scenes hiding in her head.  I want to write about hot, sexy BBWs  Big Beautiful Women, who are naughty as hell and sassy too. lol     I am going to use this Blog to promote great books and great writers...and just for my thoughts about Erotica and Romance.

My thanks for helping me get to where I am goes to....Benjamin Russell, Monique Marie, Bonni Samson, Heather Rainier, The Demon Slayers and every person who has touched my life in some way.  Great writers who made me fall in love with the craft and Art of writting.  

So, again Welcome and I hope we can enjoy some great stories and joys on here.
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