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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Holidays

~This Sexy BBW Wishes you all a very Happy Holiday Season~

It's that time of year again.  Time for family, friends, love, peace and lots of amazing food.  For some of us this New Year is going to be a time of big changes and new exciting beginnings.  I wanted to take the time to thank some very special people who have helped bring brightness and good changes to my life.  My family of course(who wouldnt get caught dead on here lol). All my friends old and new. Especially Vamp Girl aka Monique a good friend and sister of my heart.  Mr.Benjamin Russell, the best Mentor a girl could have and mon ami du coeur. Heather Rainier, the person and author I want to be when I grow up.  All the people from Demon Slayers, ladies you Rock and 2012 is going to be our year of joy and Peace.  All the great authors who have inspired me through my whole life of reading.  Also to any and all friends I have met online who have touched my world in a big or small way...it all adds up.

To All of You and Yours, I wish you Happy Holidays.  Here are some sexy BBWs to help warm your Holiday Season.   May 2012 be a Rocking, Hot, Sexy and Prosperous New Year for all of Us!!!

And my all time favorite picture.  What a wonderful way to wake up Christmas morning.  Wrapped in your lover's arms after a night of passionate sex.   MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday "The spectators"

It is Flash Fiction Friday. A picture can mean many things to many people. Every Friday a group of people share their individual thoughts on a picture. It must be written in 100 words, no more no less.

Jacob couldn’t believe the sight before him.  Poor Carla sat trapped again in a freezing spell the Troll had woven.  Jacob felt her pain grip his heart.   Turning away from the scene he noticed Josh leaning against the wall, stroking his stomach watching the macabre scene before them as if he enjoyed the situation.

“What is wrong with you man? How can you watch that?” Jacob whispered to Josh in shock.

“Why shouldn’t I? Christ man, look at her?  She is exquisite and ours to gaze upon and maybe play with too.” Josh smiled.

“Josh, you are a sick Fucker”


Check out my fellow FFF writers and enjoy their take of the picture at Flash Fiction Friday.

  Thank you to my friends Benjamin, Katie ,Monique and the ladies of The Demon Slayers for all your help and support.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Feeling like a Queen

I shared this picture with a friend and a discussion about what makes a woman feel like a Queen was born.
To me it is simple, really.   I don’t need jewels, furs (yuck) or expensive meals and gifts.  Treat me with respect and like you are listening to my words and that will get me putting on the royal mantle.  Show me that you want and desire me just the way I am and then I will go put on the bustier and stockings.   If you make me laugh and smile you will have me putting on the crown.     Actually here is the easiest way I can describe it... Treat me like your Lady Slut and I will wear the whole outfit proudly.

I read a description of the meaning of a Lady.....”A Lady is a smart woman who knows how to be a good girl in public and keeps her bad girl for private.”  Works for me.LOL
When I find a man who can do all of that, I will gladly make him feel like a King.  Trust me Baby, your every command will be followed.  ;)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Lost Love

Thanks to my friend and mentor, Benjamin Russell I have entered the writting comptetion that Julez S. Morbius has offered. (to check out what the naughty gentlemen are up to, click on their names and visit their blogs). Without Mr. Benjamin, I wouldnt have even had the courage to start writting, let alone enter a competition.  Also check Benjamin's Author page on Facebook...he is always looking for new conquest...uuh, I mean friends.  ;)

She had been searching for so long; decades of torment and loss but finally her quest seemed to be over. Ninety years ago, his disappearance ripped her lifeless heart from her chest and caused a wound that never healed. From the time of her change at the age of 25, in 1795, his guidance and love was her anchor in a strange new world. The love they shared felt like something she could count on for eternity, until that fateful night in 1921, when her life changed to one of painful emptiness. She could remember the night as if it were yesterday....
Blalock, the Vampire Master, pumped inside her with harder and harder thrusts. “That is it my beauty, come for me. Scream my name, my sweet, he whispered in Ashla’s ear.
Oh yes, lover. Fuck me harder, bite me; feed from me handsome,Ashla cried into the night.
His lips caressed the pulse in her throat then his bite sent her plunging over the edge. Her body convulsed from the intense pleasure of her orgasms and as he demanded, she screamed his name. Blalock growled his pleasure as he emptied his pulsing cock inside her. He licked her wound closed and together, they fell into the dreamless sleep of their kind. Come nightfall, she awoke to an empty bed, the beginning of her search and her heartache began.
Now she stood before the crypt her jealous older sister, Nasus, had cursed Blalock to spend eternity trapped in an undead sleep. The bitch believed her power was strong enough to keep the lovers apart, but she didn’t know Ashla’s powers had finally matured.
Ashla concentrated on the crypt door and it burst open in a shower of splintered stone. Before her sat the stone burial coffin, in which her love lay sleeping. Again, she focused her powers and with a wave of her hand, the heavy stone slab that covered her lover’s prison, moved to the side.
She reached inside and caressed his cold cheek. “Oh my love, I have searched for so long to find you. Soon I will have you out of here and this will be nothing but a bad memory.”
“I think not sister dear,” came a voice from the dark.
Nasus you unholy bitch, show yourself.” Ashla called back. A burst of light flared and there stood the woman Ashla both loved and hated.
Nasus laughed. Did you really think I was going to just let you come and take what is mine?”
In Ashla’s mind, she started the incantation to free her love and to trap her sister. “He was never yours you fool. You wasted centuries pinning over a man who never wanted you.”
A thunderclap boomed in the crypt when Ashla unleashed her power. Nasus stood frozen in place, a look of wonder forever on her face.
Ashla, my beauty you came for me.” Blalock said as he flowed out of the coffin.
“Yes, I did my love...in more ways than one." 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday "Trapped"

It is Flash Fiction Friday.  A picture can mean many things to many people.  Every Friday a group of people share their invidual thoughts on a picture. It must be written in 100 words, no more no less.

Here she sat, trapped again.   Tricked once more by a cunning and brutal being; imprisoned in this fake pose.  She plans her escape.  For as surely as she still breaths, she will fight to be truly free for good this time.
“What a beautiful wife I have, don’t you agree my pet?”   The Troll commented as he stroked his fingers down her cheek.   Carla couldn’t move a muscle, but a single tear squeezed from her eye to roll down her cheek.
“Delicious, my Sweet.  Your torment brings me great pleasure.” Her captor laughed as he licked the sign of her pain. 

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What is Flirting to you?

The other day a close friend said I was "flirting" and I didnt take it as a compliment.  But it got me to thinking what other people consider flirting?  Afterall, each person has their own thoughts on things, and since I am such a curious Cat, I decided to have a blog on the subject.

Now to me the definition of "flirting", isnt a good one. I have seen alot of women who "flirt" and they are "fake". It is like a game and they are trying to lure the men in like a fish on a hook. They just make the "hook" all sweet and tasty, then jerk the line once they get the guy. Then the poor guy finds out she is "nothing" like she was "baiting" him with.

   I have known women who give men blowjobs while dating then stop after the wedding.   It is like their mouths got pluged by the wedding ring. I have heard alot of them say, they "used" it to "get him" but really didnt like it. Other stupid shit like that. Or they have sex non stop with the guy, then freeze up colder than the tits on a Siberian witch, after the "I do's". Or even if there is no "marriage" the women use their flirting till they think they have the guy caught and then they revert to their true self.  It's no wonder men want to try the "milk" before they buy the cow.  I would too if the milk turned "sour" years before the expiration date.

I have also seen and experienced men doing the same.  They have a different way of "baiting" but it is still the same goal.  They want a woman, be it temporary or for more...so they turn on the "flirt".  Come across all smooth and charming but once they think you are "theirs" the dark side comes out.  You know the kind of men, right?  The ones that while you are dating, they open doors for you, say sweet things and then POW!  You sleep with them and they turn into the crotch scratching, burping the alphabet jerk who yells for more beer.  (sorry guys, my experience with men isnt exactly stellar.lol)

I dont see what I do as "flirting", I am just being "me". If my "sassiness, sexiness or sensuality" catches a man's attention, it is "me"..not a game or a facade. A man wont get "hooked" and then find out that it was a game or a "trap". What you "see" with me, is what you "get".   If I am giving you BJ's that make you think I can suck a golfball through a straw, trust me Baby, that ain't going to stop anytime soon.  As for the hot sex part, I am usually the Nympho partner wondering why the turkey buzzard in the back yard is seeing more action than I am, and she only "mates" once a year.grrrrrrrr

So you see, when someone tells me I am "flirting" I take it to mean I am being "fake"...just trying to "catch" their attention. 
What is your definiton of flirting?

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Welcome to my world

Hi Everyone! This is my first walk into the world of Blogging.  This is my first attempt at a post too...after this I wont be a Blog Virgin anymore.   Oh Well, I like trying anything once and if I like it...I come back for more and more...etc. ;)

I have been a voracious Romance reader since the age of 11.  You could find me hiding under the covers with a flashlight reading my books.  Afterall, it wasnt considered "proper" reading for a good little Catholic girl.   Wouldnt my parents and the nuns have been shocked if they learned I got my first Erotic book at age 12.  Anybody remember Xaviera Hollander,  The Happy Hooker?  Or Emmanuelle?  I was hooked on erotica, but the pickings were slim and not so great. Mostly badly written porno geared to men.  As the years went on Romantica or Erotica became better.  When Ellora's Cave started, I thought I had found Heaven...I spent a fortune buying and devouring their books.   I have to thank all the wonderful authors from there who gave me hours and hours of enjoyable reading.  Recently I have become addicted to Siren Menage stories as well.  There are lots of choices available now and good stories that are well written

All this leads me to where I am now...writing my own stories.  I found there was a naughty vixen inside me that had all these wild ideas and scenes hiding in her head.  I want to write about hot, sexy BBWs  Big Beautiful Women, who are naughty as hell and sassy too. lol     I am going to use this Blog to promote great books and great writers...and just for my thoughts about Erotica and Romance.

My thanks for helping me get to where I am goes to....Benjamin Russell, Monique Marie, Bonni Samson, Heather Rainier, The Demon Slayers and every person who has touched my life in some way.  Great writers who made me fall in love with the craft and Art of writting.  

So, again Welcome and I hope we can enjoy some great stories and joys on here.
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