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Friday, March 2, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday "Caught in the Act"

It is Flash Fiction Friday. A picture can mean many things to many people. Every Friday a group of people share their invidual thoughts on a picture. It must be written in 100 words, no more no less.

Vicky had the perfect picture in her head.  She was leaning face down on a big rock with a huge strong man fucking her from behind. 

Her favorite toy was busily humming away in her pussy matching the rhythm of her fantasy man.

“So close.” Vicky whimpered.    **phone rings**

“Oh Fuck no.” Vicky whispered as she saw the name on the phone.

“Baby, are you doing something you aren’t supposed to be?”  Winston’s deep voice came over the connection.

“Umm no…” Vicky answered breathlessly.

“Stop! No coming without permission! There will be consequences, Beauty” Winston warned.  **phone disconnects**

“Ah Merdes!”


(Want to read more naughtiness between Vicky and Winston?  Check out Booty Call my first story, co-authored with Benjamin Russell )
For more amazing fun with 1 picture and 100 words please check out my fellow Flashers.  It is always a blast to see how each of us "sees" the picture differently.


Naomi said...

Oh the epitome of naughtiness! Trust Winston to find out Vicky was up to something! Great flasher honey.

Kendel Davi said...

Very nice work, Michelle!!! I wonder how long she'll have to wait for relief?

Yvonne Nicolas said...

LOL! Busted!! She can’t even have a moment with her vibrator. That’s messed up.

Benjamin Tiberius Russell said...

I think Winston has a physic connection to Vicky and he knows when she's being bad. She clearly will need to be punished, no doubt this is "not" the first time she has disobeyed her Dom. She is such so damn naughty.

Perhaps he should give her a real, life taste of what it would feel like to have him explode inside her tight ass. Just for training purposes of course. Muwah!@

ERP said...

Ah, Ah, Ah Vicky :waggles finger:

Bonni S. said...

I guess he better be on his way home before she explodes. Hurry Winston, hurry!

Bonni S. said...

I guess he better be on his way home before she explodes. Hurry Winston, hurry!

gemma parkes said...

Naughty and intriguing!

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