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Friday, February 24, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday "Special Prize"

It is Flash Fiction Friday. A picture can mean many things to many people. Every Friday a group of people share their invidual thoughts on a picture. It must be written in 100 words, no more no less. 

“For the last time, Hunter.  Give her to me.” The shrill voice screeched in his ear.

“No..not..this..time.” He gritted out through is teeth.  The flash of pain was searing his brain. But his grasp tightened on the beauty in his arms.

“You forget your place. You are to hunt down the innocents to bring them to me.”   HER whispered near his ear.

“Mistress, maybe you should allow him this prize.  Sometimes one must give to get. Hunter is a loyal servant.” A calm voice suggested from the corner of the cave.

“I do not give, Benjamin. I take!” She screamed.

Thank you to Benjamin Russell for being my guest and allowing me to visit with "HER" again.  Be sure to check out his Blog to learn more about "HER".

Please check out my fellow Flashers for more fascinating opions on the above  picture.  It always amazes me and it will you too, how one picture can be seen is so many different ways.


Bonni S. said...

Loved it Michelle. She certainly does take. Great post. Hope you feel better soon.

Naomi said...

I love this. You created an atmospheric picture of anger, desire and displeasure. You always have to obey HER.You can never take. Great flasher

ERP said...

awesome flash Michelle :) Loved it. I agree with Naomi, She said it best.


Sara York said...

Very good post. I loved it. Someone needs to take care of HER

Rolling Muse In The Roses said...

Oh WOW!! I loved this! Def fun and intense, great story!

Eden Connor said...

I loved this Michelle, it was a direction no one else took and it was beautifully done, Bravo!

Yvonne Nicolas said...

Fabulous post! And I love it that Benji was in this one. Standing up to HER may start something the poor guy can't finish.

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