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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What is Flirting to you?

The other day a close friend said I was "flirting" and I didnt take it as a compliment.  But it got me to thinking what other people consider flirting?  Afterall, each person has their own thoughts on things, and since I am such a curious Cat, I decided to have a blog on the subject.

Now to me the definition of "flirting", isnt a good one. I have seen alot of women who "flirt" and they are "fake". It is like a game and they are trying to lure the men in like a fish on a hook. They just make the "hook" all sweet and tasty, then jerk the line once they get the guy. Then the poor guy finds out she is "nothing" like she was "baiting" him with.

   I have known women who give men blowjobs while dating then stop after the wedding.   It is like their mouths got pluged by the wedding ring. I have heard alot of them say, they "used" it to "get him" but really didnt like it. Other stupid shit like that. Or they have sex non stop with the guy, then freeze up colder than the tits on a Siberian witch, after the "I do's". Or even if there is no "marriage" the women use their flirting till they think they have the guy caught and then they revert to their true self.  It's no wonder men want to try the "milk" before they buy the cow.  I would too if the milk turned "sour" years before the expiration date.

I have also seen and experienced men doing the same.  They have a different way of "baiting" but it is still the same goal.  They want a woman, be it temporary or for more...so they turn on the "flirt".  Come across all smooth and charming but once they think you are "theirs" the dark side comes out.  You know the kind of men, right?  The ones that while you are dating, they open doors for you, say sweet things and then POW!  You sleep with them and they turn into the crotch scratching, burping the alphabet jerk who yells for more beer.  (sorry guys, my experience with men isnt exactly stellar.lol)

I dont see what I do as "flirting", I am just being "me". If my "sassiness, sexiness or sensuality" catches a man's attention, it is "me"..not a game or a facade. A man wont get "hooked" and then find out that it was a game or a "trap". What you "see" with me, is what you "get".   If I am giving you BJ's that make you think I can suck a golfball through a straw, trust me Baby, that ain't going to stop anytime soon.  As for the hot sex part, I am usually the Nympho partner wondering why the turkey buzzard in the back yard is seeing more action than I am, and she only "mates" once a year.grrrrrrrr

So you see, when someone tells me I am "flirting" I take it to mean I am being "fake"...just trying to "catch" their attention. 
What is your definiton of flirting?


Benjamin Tiberius Russell said...

Wow, I thought I knew the definition of flirting until I read this blog post. Look - I own flirting where others have to lease it with an option to buy. The difference between my definition and Michelle's, is that I am more than willing to do the do.

To me, what Michelle has described is a tease, or to be more blunt, what men call a cock-tease. The tease isn't flirting, she is trying to get something without giving up anything, but conversation.

This could just very well be a case of Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. It will be interesting to read some other comments.

Kellie Kamryn said...

I agree Benjamin - a tease is someone who does those things to catch someone and then stops b/c it's not really them. I flirt, but most of the time I'm being nice and people take it wrong. Sure I throw around innuendos but if I'm interested in a man, I'll let him know. If a man is interested in me, I appreciate knowing, but if I don't reciprocate don't be angry. That's just life sometimes.

E Pierce said...

I agree that the above post sounds more like a cocktease, then a true flirt. I don't flirt, because I feel awkward, and I don't remember how (but to be honest, my dh is hot, so I try and flirt with him LOL)

Sara York said...

Sounds more like a cock-tease to me. Flirting is light and fun and never involves sex. It it got to the sex part it wouldn't be flirting anymore. There are few people I flirt with. If I actually thought the person would take me seriously I would never flirt with them. IRL I don't flirt with any of the men around me, only my husband and then there is a promise backing that up. We may spend all day texting and getting frisky but at night that flirting promise is fulfilled.

Kharisma Rhayne said...

I tend not to flirt much, I prefer *him* to flirt with me.
But on the end of being a cock-tease,....I think as long as you plan on delivering, it's all good. Sometimes it's fun to push as far as you can, drive them just a little crazy, and then .......

Kay said...

I don't like to tease, I do however like to flirt. Until recently I thought I had forgotten how to flirt, then I had a dear friend inspire that part of me that likes to flirt..The thing with me and flirting, if I flirt with you I am willing to back it up. Sometimes I have friends who just enjoy light flirtation and I will enjoy it with them, but it usually is clearly understood that is all there is to, no harm, no fowl...:D

michellelady said...

I think I have learned a valuable lesson or two here. I now understand the difference between being a tease and a flirt.

Also never post a Blog when you are in a pissy mood.lol

My apologies for the "bitter" tone to my Post. My "prison guard" had stepped on my last nerve.

I thank you for your comments and for explaining the difference. I guess I DO flirt...but never cocktease.lol

Bonni S. said...

To me flirting is when you are intentionally trying to get something from a person, whether it be sex or whatever. My husband considers me a flirt, but I'm just being myself. great post and your blog looks excellent!

Anonymous said...

Oh my dears, sigh...Flirt should not be confused with tease. Flirting is an art...one that is sadly being lost in all the pc straightforwardness of the younger generation. To flirt, means to use conversation, body language to entice or show interest. A person might casually flirt or flirt intensely. To flirt well, means to have the ability to take the crude out of "baby, let's just fuck" and turn into the sexy sultry "baby, how about you come here and take care of this hot hot itch I have. Only you can do it". If someone calls me a flirt, man or woman...I just stand there, put my hand on my cocked hip, gaze at them from my slightly hooded sulty blue eyes, in my best southern drawl and simply say "thank you darlin', I hope I did it well?"... However, the phrase "you're a flirt" can also be a criticism, but it is usually offered by a jealous lover, one who thinks you are acting inappropriately with others...or with their lover. To those, I simply say, "I guess we will see, if I did it well enough"...let them worry about it...lololol...Sancre Darling

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