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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thursday's Temptations

Well it is that time of the week again for me to post some lovely BBWs for you.  This week I got some much needed help from Nichelle Gregory.  She is a good friend and an awesomely talented author of really HOT stories.  If you like some BDSM with you BBWs, then she is the one to see.  As always please leave me some comments and let me know what you think of our ladies.  To check out some of Nichelle's spicy works go to her blog Simply Sexy Stories.

Hope you enjoyed this week's offerings and YES, I am getting mine up here soon.  Just waiting for the photographer to get me my proofs so I can pick what I want and what I want to reshoot. :)   I think I will have a contest when I do post my own pics.....might be fun to see who can guess which one is ME.  LOL


vampiremorbius said...

Really nice, hot selection of gorgeous ladies as always Sherry.

angel kisses said...

Beautiful sexy women! Love the pics!

Ana Hart said...

They're all gorgeous! But I have to say my favorites are the one with the tattoos and the one teasing in the pink shirt ;)

Thanks for sharing!

-Ana Hart from XOXO and All That Jazz

Richard the Wolf said...

pics are awesome .. going looking for the writing

nicebutnaughty73 said...

Lovely! Your pics never fail to bring a smile to my lips and a little pitter patter to my heart. Thank you for sharing. xoxo

ERP said...

Lovely as usual Sherry :)

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