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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Temptation Thursdays

Oh Wow, I almost forgot it was Thursday.  Shame on me for neglecting my sexy BBW fans and their admirers.  So here is today's offerings. 

As usual, I hope you enjoy these beautiful BBWs and leave me a note telling me what you think of them.   I will keep them coming every week because we all know they have alot to offer, lots of love.


Benjamin Tiberius Russell said...

No. 1 - Blue is my favorite color and I'd love the pleasure of watching her get undressed. Of course, I might just decide to undress her myself, slowly - very, very slowly.

ER Pierce said...

I love the dress of #1, but I love #2. She has garters :P Although, I guess #1 could be wearing them too... Hmm. Ponders.

Kay said...

All of the ladies were very hot. And I agree Michelle the gown does remind you of something a greek goddess would wear. I luv the baby doll and thongs are always sexy...thank you for posting..and of course Mr. Benjamin's comment are always such a pleasure to read...:D

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