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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday "Not Mine"

It is Flash Fiction Friday. A picture can mean many things to many people. Every Friday a group of people share their invidual thoughts on a picture. It must be written in 100 words, no more no less. 

I lay back on the bed remembering our last time together.

“Fuck me lover, fuck me harder.”  I had begged him desperately

“Jesus Beauty, you feel so good.  I want to stay inside you forever. You are so hot, so responsive.  Fuck Baby, I am going to cum.”  He had cried out as he filled me completely with his seed.

That had been months ago but I still feel his hard cock inside me right at this very moment.  Sadly he is not here, he never will be again... he wasn’t mine and never would be.

He belonged to HER.


I want to thank Mr.Benjamin Russell for allowing me to borrow "HER" for this post.  Although I will admit that she scared the Holy Hell out of me.   Thank you for all the help, guidance and for bringing the Joy of Writting into my life Mr. Benjamin.
Please check all my fellow Flashers at...Flash Fiction Friday.  Please be sure to leave them all a comment, we all need some Love. :)


Kendel Davi said...

Nicely done, Michelle! Wanting, waiting and remembering!!!

Naomi said...

Lovely post, sometimes there's sadness in loving. And my you were lucky to borrow HER for the flasher!

Benjamin Tiberius Russell said...

Michelle, I just hot off the phone with HER and really liked your FFF post today. She liked it so much that she's willing to make an exception in your case and share.

There is going to be a FFF party tonight at The Crypt - her winter retreat, and you're invited. Don't worry about bringing anything other than your body. She will provide the punch and I'm bringing the meat. See you there - it's going to a dripping good time. Muah

ERP said...

Great FFF post Michelle. I'm glad you survived an encounter with a lover of HER :)


Horrorwritingdaddy said...

wonderfully dirty. I absolutly loved it.

Bonni S. said...

Excellent FFF! So sad she could never have him again.

gemma parkes said...

Sexy memories tinged with sadness, but not regret! Great ff.

Rolling Muse In The Roses said...

Mmm nice!! Gave me butterflies. :)

Yvonne Nicolas said...

Oh boy, HER strikes again. LOL! Well a least the damsel got a good lay out of the deal before he went ghost. Very sexy post.

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